Gadget Lab Podcast: The Future of News on Facebook


Like everyone else in media, Michael and David are obsessed with this week’s blow-up over Facebook’s Trending News box—not just the he-said-she-said tales about whether there are humans running it, but also what it says about the bias inherent in algorithms. But David elevates the discussion with a serious question: Is it Facebook’s responsibility to show you news it knows would make you happy? For the second half of the show, the hosts discuss Gboard, Google’s keyboard for iOS, as well as the company’s upcoming developer conference.

 Some notes: Since recording the show (and this comes up as a question we couldn’t answer) we’ve discovered Google doesn’t require iOS users to log into Google to use its keyboard. Go figure! John Gruber has a nice rundown of this specific topic at Daring Fireball. Also, next week is Google I/O, and our coverage begins Wednesday morning.

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