Getting married to the one you have met through an arranged married set up or to someone you have been with for a long time is the biggest, newest and most beautiful change in your life. It’s the beginning of this wonderful new journey full of lows and highs, a time when new fond memories are formed and most importantly, a phase of life where you learn to give, become more responsible and get a sense of belonging.

But what happens when all of this happens in your early 20’s? Well, we tell you just that right here, right now, so read on!

#1. Your house is still pretty much like a bachelors pad

Because you both got married young, you have the same interests that you did before like partying, being awesome hosts, lying late in bed on the weekends and not caring much about how clean or not your pad is!

#2. Staying in at home on the weekends was never so much fun

You order in a pizza, some chilled beer and rent in your favourite DVD to watch at night. Could life get more perfect than this?

#3. You never have to worry about finding a date

Because you both are permanent dates for each other for life! And pretty hot ones if we may add. What a relief it is to not having to go on those dating sites to find yourself one, right?

#4. It is an extended honeymoon phase

Especially if you are in a nuclear family set up, you feel like you have moved in together and nothing else has changed. Night outs, romantic getaways, a lot of love making and everything that you did as bachelors.

#5. Discovering every single day with all its new opportunities together is bliss

And discovering new mature, adult things like paying bills, managing the accounts, taking some nice saving policies etc; all of this, everyday, together as a team!

#6. You have to get immune to criticism

If you don’t show a keen interest in marriage, they say why aren’t you getting married and if you do get hooked early, they aren’t happy with that too! So, you really can’t please them completely, can you?

#7. You can get totally drunk at a party and still reach home safe and sound

Because you know that even though you have had more than just a few drinks, your spouse is absolutely sober and will make sure that you will get home safe and on time.

#8. Your bond with your parents gets stronger

Because now that you have left their house to go start a family of your own, you miss having them around all the time like earlier, you realize all that they did for you and how you took all of that for granted.

#9. You realize that both of you are not the same people anymore

You have changed to become better versions of your previous self and watching each other grow as individuals, is a rather interesting and special thing.

#10. You are sure to be a hot and happening young parent

Because you got married early, if not immediately but you will plan to have babies in a few years. So obviously, you will still be young when the little one arrives.

#11. Your spouse is a part of your girly gang/ boys club

Because the two of you are very normal around your friends and don’t indulge in annoying couple-y traits. With your gangs, you are just two good friends like the rest of them. Also, you fit in with each other’s groups as you are more or less the same age group.

#12. Road trips are your thing

Because you are young, full of energy and relatively free, you strive for adventure and fun. So, whenever you get the chance, you pack some clothes, get into your cars and drive down for quick road trips either with your group or alone.

#13. You thought you would start cooking but ordering food becomes the new way of life

In your eyes, you are the master chef, but ordering and staying in bed is so much more convenient, isn’t it? So, on the days when you are not invited for a dinner, are out for a party or are having a fast, you prefer to order.

#14. You are striving hard to make your in-laws love you

You want to be your best version in front of them. Even if you disagree with something they say, you try to adjust and do everything possible to impress them (sometimes because you want to and other times because you have to!)

#15. Your pets are your children

You care for them as your own kids, your social media accounts are full of their pictures, you take them to the pet spa together, they are allowed on the bed and they are basically like your first toddlers.

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